Where do I find the best free music samples 2022?

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Going over the best sites for free (royalty free) music samples as well as bonus sites for the best good prices samples. 


1. Looperman

Hands down one of my favorites for free samples. All royalty free and sortable by most downloaded (something I never see on other sites). It's a great site for digging for originals or sorting by top downloads the last month and having a scroll through. You can even add filters like an "acoustic guitar" keyword and only find acoustic guitar samples. If you find a sound you like, click on their name and find all sounds by them (found a lot of gems this way). Although a lot of the top downloads are generally one genre, digging in the top downloads will eventually find something crazy good and unique.



2. r/DrumKits

Fully user submitted on reddit you will find some very high quality samples here. Although you will have to be careful because the samples are not guaranteed to be royalty free. Again we have a nice sorting system by new, hot or top (day, week, month, year and all time).



3. Cymatics.fm

Great free samples and occasional freebies offered for a short time. Yes they are a direct competitor with us but there is no denying that they are one of the best sites for free samples and we are here to offer you the most value possible. The more samples and freebies in your library the more equipped you are for possible opportunities. Lots of free starter kits and presets.



4. Kennybeats discord

With over 116k users joined it's safe to say it's a producer hub. Here you can find some very high quality samples free to download. There are separate chats for different things like "Collab", "rare samples", "kit share". Some are royalty free and others you will have to message the creator. Very great for easily finding great samples and working directly with people.

link to join


5. CodaCap.ca 

Some of the best samples you will find. Plenty of free sample packs and presets all royalty free. With a focus on Live acoustic/electric guitar, ukulele we offer a wide variety of genre's instruments and feels. Staying signed up for the emails will 100% be worth it for the upcoming freebies, free gift cards and discount codes



6. Freesound.org

Royalty free samples and non royalty free samples designated by the license type cc0. Not as fluent feeling as Looperman but free samples to dig through nonetheless. 

freesound.org link


7. Beatstars.com

That's right beatstars is a great resource for searching and connecting with sample packs. It may be hard to find a good one but once you do you can follow and keep updated. 

Link to a search of free sample in beatstars


8. Youtube

Same as beatstars you can search up people trying to give away there loop kits and samples. Personally have found a few good samples this way for hyperpop samples.

Link to search