7 Best Music Producer Black Friday Deals

7 best black friday deals


hey here are the best deals right noow




25%-40% off. Sales very rare.

If your an FL studio user that ever uses live recording instruments or vocals you need to pick this up. Fl piano roll is king but Ableton's formants shifter, automation, workflow and time stretcher complex pro is infinitely better. Highly recommend. Right now its a flat 25% but if you are a student or teacher its 40%. PS if you have a focusrite you may have a ableton lite on your account you can register for an upgrading discount

Ableton link 25% Link

Educational link 40% Link




Soundtoys 5 Collection 


My go to fx plugins of echos, reverbs, formants, distortion, filter, microshift, powerful effect rack and many more.

Soundtoy sale Link






25% off coupon for completing survey

Haping a collection of real sounding analog synths is always needed to get genuine sounds. The analog synths emulate how the real synths would sound with their imperfections making them infinitely more lushous than say a digital synth like serum.

survey coupon Link

 U-He Link




Arturia collection 8 


50% off Analog synths 

Really good analog emulated synths

Arturia sale Link




FabFilter Pro-Q 3


25 % off 

Powerful Dynamic eq that has a great feel and clean design. better than stock and the Free TDR nova Dynamic eq.





Auto-Tune Access Antares


70% off Best autotune 

The best entry autotune and some extras.







70% off 

Some really good synth presets and great soft pads







50% off 

The best fx plugin you can get for easy quick 2 click adjustments. Change Frequency wobble, noise, distort, digital, reverb and dropouts. I slap this on 90% of my sounds.





Native Instruments


50% off 

If you don't have

Komplete 13 - A bundle of some of my favorites but $799 Vs $400 July 2021 (Buying select then upgrading)

Kontakt - not just a player but access to massive amount of individual free instruments

Noire - By far the best piano I have encountered. The cleanest and fullest sounding piano.

Una Corda - Second best piano .

Electric sunburst deluxe - You can't beat a real guitar but this comes close.

Massive - a very good synth with a different use than other synths (personally only use it for edm or hyperpop)

Guitar rig 6 - Great fx plugin for anything





Oeksound - Soothe 2


30% off

Amazing Dynamic resonance suppressor AKA Really good at eqing annoying or loud frequencies only when they play. Soothes the sound






Voxengo Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2021 Sale 25% off most. Buy 2 for more sale.


melodyne 5 editor (edit indivitual notes in a chord on audio file) Link